Lamon Archey grew up in “The Bay”.  In fact, in San Mateo, California, on the same stomping grounds at Tom Brady (though much later).  The Bay has churned out some really talented names like Tom Hanks, James Franco, Bruce Lee and… Oh yeah, Steve Jobs. 


In high school, he was on the field most of the time, both football and baseball.  But even that didn’t tick his radar for a future.  And it’s a good thing he didn’t really have “plans” beyond high school notoriety.  After graduating, he took a job doing carpentry, specifically doing hardwood floors.  The only thing he was really sure he wanted were tattoos, he got his first of what would become many as quickly as he got his diploma. 


So if you’re keeping score, that’s basketball, baseball, hardwood flooring and an affenity for tattoos. 


To avoid feeling trapped in a “go no where” job, Lamon decided to feed his curiosity about what else was out in the world for him.  He found his way down the 5 to Los Angeles and stayed with his Uncle while he tested the lay of the land.  


He took a job as at a Veterinary as an assistant technician.  But as cliche as it sounds, even walking the streets of LA can land you in a new career, and almost immediately, the modeling industry found him.  He didn’t come with aspirations of being a star, gracing magazines, runways or campaigns, and definitely didn’t have plans to be hand picked by Beyoncé to be her “man” in a Destiny Child video for the smash hit “Cater To You”.  But usually, those who aren’t chasing it are the ones who find the most success.  


While traveling to model, Lamon was then approached by a company, coincidently back up in The Bay about acting.  Prior to their approach, Lamon would have told you he would never be an actor, but something about going deeper into performing and being able to play characters really intrigued him.  But acting isn’t to be taken lightly, so he quickly put himself in classes and began studying the craft so that he could avoid the “models shouldn’t speak” cliche. 


His first gig was two under-five roles on Days of Our Lives before playing recurring character Mason Wilder on CBS’ The Young and the Restless from 2012 to 2014.  After bowing out of the role of Wilder he flexed his muscle in other projects before landing his full-time role as Eli Grant, a young level headed FBI agent on Days of Our Lives.  


There were eerie similarities between the Eli character and Lamon.  Both didn’t have a relationship with their father through their childhood and teens, and both found themselves being the closest to their fathers while laying him to rest, meeting family they had never known before.  Lamon felt it was Art imitating Life. 


Most recently, Lamon was booked for an episode of one of the hottest shows on the CW, All American.  Not long after his role was bumped up to guest star, and he will be joining the cast for Season 4 as Principal Carter. 


One of the most exciting news on the pipeline is a feature film entitled DRAW, which Lamon will take on his greatest challenge, playing the lead character Miles Davis Lee, a fictional painter and sketch artist who, after a breakdown, has to do court mandated therapy where an unorthodox therapist helps him uncover the many dark secrets and tragedies of his youth. This film is a deep, heavy drama dealing with taboo, but important subject matter. 


Lamon is gearing up to take on more challenging projects, delivering more compelling and powerful performances, not just as an actor, but as a writer and producer as well.  


The Archey Magic has only just begun.